Fire Tribe: AllegiancesEdit

Alpha MaleEdit

The Alpha male is the overall leader of the tribe. He commands every rank beneath him and - because of social hierarchy - is the only male permitted to mate (but can allow others to do so). He possesses a Tribe-specific leading gem (either Ruby, Sapphire or Emerald) which he gains when he becomes the Alpha, stepping up from his previous power. The Alpha's word is never challenged, and he is the decision-maker of the tribe.
Snarling Flame - (Pyrokenisis) A lean-legged, rusty-brown male with visible muscles, torn ears and multiple scars littering his frame. He has a soft tan-white underbelly and spotting, and has thin fur. He has cruel orange-brown eyes and carries a shiny red ruby around his neck. (topcock#4787)

Alpha FemaleEdit

The Alpha Female is the "second-in-command" just beneath the Alpha Male, and is the Alpha Male's chosen mate. She doesn't do much decision-making because of the male-over-female hierarchy set in place, but does participate in maintaning order within the tribe. She is the only female permitted to have pups (but can allow others to do so).
Scorching Sands - (Pyrokenisis) A lean, tall fluffy gray-and-white female with burning yellow eyes. She wears a shiny red ruby around her neck. (super reshio galaxy#7077)

Beta MaleEdit

The Beta Male is the Male who will step up in place of the Alpha Male if he is to pass away or be unavailable. He is chosen for his skill and loyalty, and is expected to be respected. While the Beta doesn't necessarily patricipate in every decision the Alpha Male makes, he contributes to it and is more involved with the social functions of the pack (i.e. sending out patrols, arranging battles and etc.).
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Beta FemaleEdit

Similar to the Alpha Female, the Beta Female is the lower power of the Beta Male, and is the Beta Male's chosen mate. She doesn't do any decision-making and rather helps the beta keep the pack in order. If the Alpha Female were to ever pass away, she would immediately replace her.
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Lead PowerEdit

The Lead Power is the outstanding Power of the entire pack, meaning that he/she has shown his/herself to be extraordinary and the strongest. While the Alpha Male usually picks out a Male, it is quite possible the Lead Power can be female if she can outshow the males in the pack. Usually, the Lead Power has the strongest power and can prove to be a lethal threat to the other tribes.
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The Healer of the tribe is born into his/her spot. If a pup comes to the pack with a power relating to healing (i.e. empathy, telekenisis, etc) they will immediately be apprenticed to the current healer, who they will train with from thereout. The Healer learns to make potions, poultices, and more with natural-growing herbs and the use of specific powers to treat ailments and injuries of her tribemates.
Rising Smoke - (Empathy) A long-legged black-and-gray female wolf with pale amber eyes. She wears a shiny (color | gem) around her neck. (Teavanna#6377)


The Powers' rank is self-explanitory: they are the bulk of the pack consisting of members with different amulet-specific powers. They hunt for, fight for and protect their tribe and have earned their place after many seasons of training. In some cases an Alpha may choose specific senior Powers who he/she trusts to help guide them with wisdom. In other cases, he may ask for a stronger, younger canine to help him/her out.
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