What are Gem Abilities?Edit

In the beginning, the three brothers were the first wolves to be granted the first three gems: the Ruby, the Emerald and the Sapphire. These gems each held a different power that usually corresponded with their territory, their personality, and their looks. The ancestors granted these three (Kamari, Omi and Elijah) the first gems to protect the order of the packs from outside packs. The ancestors gave them the gems, and gave them a list of commandments to follow in order to keep peace while they had these gems:

  1. Don't break your gem. If it breaks, it loses its powers.
  2. Don't steal others' gems. Even if you do steal it, you will not be able to use its powers.
  3. Wolves cannot use their gems' powers for bad things (i.e. total power over others) except in war.
  4. Wolves without gems should be treated equally.
  5. Supreme wolves should not be a part of the three packs, and should immediately be: A) Killed or B) exiled.
  6. Wolves can only have one gem each.

How does a Wolf get their Gemstone?Edit

In order to get their very own gemstone, a wolf must be over the age of eight months, which is when they graduate and become novices, and recieve their own trainers after they recieve their gemstone. The novice travels alone, except for with his/her Alpha

All Gemstone AbilitiesEdit

E = Earth tribe / F = Fire tribe / W = Water tribe / D = Divine / A = Any / N = New Era

Gem's Name Power/ability Classification
Amethyst The Amethyst gem allows its host to adjust (adjusting), which means that any powers do not affect them at all. It also comes with the ability to Augmentate, or enhance someone elses' powers. Usually given to those who are shy or don't like fights. EW
Pearl Considered to be a divine gem, the Pearl gives its host the ability to deflect the powers of others and to predict future; divination. In rare cases, the host can sometimes read minds. DN
Amber Exclusive to the Fire tribe, the host of the Amber gem is gifted the wisdom of many generations before them. They possess intangibility; meaning the host can pass through any objects or even other individuals without thought. F
Turqoise Exclusive to the Water tribe, those who host the Turqoise gem have the trait of transmogrification- meaning they can transform into other inatimate objects to disguise themselves. W
Sapphire Exclusive ONLY to the Water tribe's ALPHA, the Sapphire was one of the original gems gifted by the gods to the first three Alphas. Those who host the Sapphire gem have the ability to manipulate water, ice, and anything in that general area. They can control the weather in some aspects, but only if it has anything to do with moisture or water. W
Emerald Exclusive ONLY to the Earth tribe's ALPHA, the Emerald was one of the original gems gifted by the gods to the first three Alphas. Those who host the Emerald gem have the ability to manipulate nature, and materials of the earth, including the ability to communicate with all creatures. E
Lapis Lazuli Those who host the gem Lapis Lazuli have the ability to manipulate electricity; they can, in some stances, manipulate storms and lightning/weather. A
Topaz Because it comes in different colors, sometimes Topaz can have a different ability depending on its shade. The host of the gem can have only one of the following: Sleep induction (put others to sleep), telepathy (read minds), or sensing (sense locations of different individuals). A
Opal Opals are considered to be very rare and usually they only show up if the chosen host was in the original lineage of one of the first three gems; emerald, sapphire, and the ruby. It is considered to be divine, but any canine can recieve it. The host has the power to teleport through space. ADN
Jade This gem is exclusive to the New Era and to the Earth tribe. It is fairly common, and many wolves have it; the ability to communicate with ALL living creatures. EN
Moonstone This gem is extremely rare, and it is said that VERY few wolves have recieved it in their time; thus it is considered a divine. The host has the ability to ressurect the dead, including themselves; in this way they are considered immortal unless they wish to no longer return to earth, or to pass their powers on. D
Agate A fairly common gem. Host has the ability to produce and manipulate all sources of light, but it is not thermal. A
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