Wiki PoliciesEdit

Page CreationEdit

  • Mainspace articles should only be Tribe information and Character pages. Other things should be made into blogposts or user pages/subpages.
  • Only make your character a page if they have already been accepted or will be born soon.
    • Please use the proper character page formatting.


  • Staff has the right to edit / modify your page in any way they deem necessary.
  • Anyone can edit your page; there is no permission needed.
    • This does not mean they can mess up your page; that is vandalism.
    • This includes adding categories; anyone can do that.
  • Please do not make your own categories.

Page ContentEdit

  • Backgrounds are not allowed.
  • No eyesores (i.e. no colors that are too pale or too bright/neon).
  • No autoplays (soundcloud, etc).
  • No borders on pages.
  • Keep pages as simplistic as possible.

Art UsageEdit

  • Art must be original, free to use, or you must have permission to use (and credit if needed).
    • This includes photography- make sure you can use it.

Server PolicyEdit


  • Please be as active as possible.
    • There will be weekly inactivity checks- if you get three warnings, you will be kicked (unless you have notified a council member).
    • Please notify a council member if you are going to be active for a week's time or longer.
    • If you are "on break" then you are on break- this means you should not be roleplaying. Being inactive or not as active as before does not count as being on break.
  • You are not required to have more OCs than you can handle.


  • Do not beg or a role- this definitely won't get you that role.
  • If you are missing a role, please contact a council member that can give that role to you.


Regular Channels

  • Swearing is allowed.
    • Swearing should not be used to harass or insult another user.
    • Should be kept to a minimum.
    • If asked to tone it down by another user, please do so.
  • No NSFW content is allowed.
  • Please do not advertise.
  • Trolling, spamming, and flooding is not allowed.
  • Bullying/harassment/etc. is against the rules.
  • Do not spam @everyone or @here.
  • No slurs, period.
    • It does not matter if the slur is on an image, nor does the context behind the slur matter. A slur is a slur, bottom line, and you will be punished.
  • Homophobic/lgtbq+ discrimination is against the rules and you will immediately be kicked if you are caught.

Roleplay Channels

  • Swearing is allowed.
    • Keep to a minimum.
    • Stop if you are asked.
  • No NSFW content is allowed.
    • Fade to black or time-skip when needed (birthing, mating, etc).
  • Roleplay should be realistic and should be semi-literate and in third-person POV.
    • Try to keep OOC in the regular channels- this includes emojis and things in parenthesis.
      • You may mention someone at the end of the roleplay; this does not count as OOC.
    • Do not powerplay / gmod etc.