Great FallsEdit

Great falls
The Great Falls is the centerpiece of the Water Tribe's territory. In short, it is a giant waterfall coming from a tall plateau in the corner of their territory. It forms a small pond beneath it full of jagged rocks, making it hard for wolves to swim without cutting their paws. It is a great place to find large prey, though, such as reindeer and bison, that will come here to rest. It is also a popular place for mountain goats and bighorn sheep, who like to climb the rocky areas. Not only this, but it is a common place for the Water Tribe to practice their powers and abilities by manipulating the waterfall.

Lone Falls, Crimson Lake, CampEdit

The lake
Lone falls
Camp - The Water Tribe's camp is located on the decent-sized island in the very center of Crimson Lake. The island is pretty dense, large enough to host every single one of the pack's members at once. There are multiple dens on it, and it is hidden by trees that grow on the island itself.

Crimson Lake - Named for the way it reflects the sunlight, turning the waters into a dark crimson color, this lake is the largest water resource in all three of the territories. It is unknown how deep it is, but legends say that there are underwater caves where the spirits walk. The water comes from the Lone falls, which is on the edge of it.

Lone Falls - The source of water for Crimson Lake, as well as the river connected to it. Lone falls is self-explanitory: a decent-sized waterfall just next to the Great Falls. Unlike the Great Falls, however, it is an easily accessable place and is great for hunting and swimming.

The BogEdit

The bog is an open area that is very dense in grass and bracken. Water seeps through underpaw and there are many open pools of water. It is a great place to hunt birds and other land mammals that need a drink of water. It is also quite dangerous because of snakes and gators which live here.

Be warned that this is a common ambush place that other packs, most commonly the Earth tribe, will attack from, because it is so dense and there is an equal opportunity to them to use nature against Water.